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Quality Buffalo
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This magnificent 40" Buffalo, hunted in April 2011, is an example of the quality buffalo that Boesmanskraal Safaris has available for the discerning hunter. This particular buffalo took 5 days of serious tracking to locate. It was hunted on a 3500 h.a. ranch - owned by professional hunter and Game Rancher Renier Els.

Due to above average rainfall the bushveld  was particularly lush which required unbelievable tracking skills and perseverance by all. Typical of the dedication and commitment that he applies to his profession, Renier Els, professional Hunter and Partner in Boesmanskraal safaris, did not settle for a lesser buffalo for his client.

To the client/hunter John and his agent, taxidermist and friend Bill Wille:
"Well done and thank you for your patience and perseverance for the time it needed to locate, and shoot perfectly, your trophy Buffalo".


Proud hunter with his huge Eland Bull
News - Hunting

Proud hunter with his huge Eland Bull. Hunter was guided Mr Renier Els of Rooibokkraal Safaris in April 2011.

Eland Bull

Beautiful Sable bull
News - Hunting

Beautiful Sable bull Hunted by German Client accompanied by his Outfitter Nolte Roets in April 2011.

Sable Bull